Transformation Innovation Center

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The world is changing: People and organizations must constantly adapt in order to master the challenges of the present and the future. These necessary transformation processes are a challenge for many teams, organizations, companies, cities and municipalities. Structural changes within one's own industry, digitalization and the introduction of new technologies, the increasingly noticeable shortage of skilled workers or cost-cutting initiatives are just a few examples. This is where the Transformation Innovation Center (TIC) of Fraunhofer IRB comes in.

We accompany transformation processes in various organizations and system areas, help to identify potential transformation needs, develop individual approaches to solutions and also support our cooperation partners in their implementation. Our interdisciplinary team develops individual approaches to accompany transformation processes and enables different stakeholders to work together transdisciplinarily. In doing so, we use analog, digital or hybrid transfer formats and forms of participation to create adaptive solutions for the stakeholders involved and their specific requirements. As a partner for digital and data-driven knowledge generation and analysis, we also enable the transfer of knowledge and know-how in a way that is tailored to the target group and provide our customers with tailored implementation concepts and scientific support services.

Our projects

Ongoing project


The ecosystems of the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean are to be restored in this project.

Ongoing project


The EU project FRANCIS aspires to empower citizens to participate in the development of frugal innovations.

Ongoing project


The NEW PATH project studies alternative exploitation concepts in heterogeneous project constellations.

Completed project

Best Etab II

Project BestEtab II, develops new exploitation concepts for collaborations of artists and scientists.

Completed project

Citizen Sensor

In the citizen science project Citizen Sensor a nitrate measurement method for soil samples is developed that can be used by everyone.

Completed project


FRAME deals with socioeconomic accompanying research for the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics.

Completed project


The HEFE project implements data governance approaches to research data in an effort to optimize its management.

Completed project


Project JERRI incorporates the different dimensions of Responsible Research and Innovation in the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft through pilot activities.


Completed project


OSCAR develops an Open Science code of conduct for the European aerospace research.