Opening and transfer of knowledge – Integration of different actors in research and innovation processes

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The »Transfer Research Incubator (TRAFO)« explores knowledge transfer in the systemic context of science, economy, society and politics.

Within the framework of national and European research projects, TRAFO develops concepts and solutions for different aspects of the transfer of data, information and knowledge. These concepts and solutions are then implemented together with the respective cooperation partners.

Among other things, the focus of TRAFO is on integrating a wide range of actors and organisations into research and innovation processes, such as citizens (Citizen Science), creative professionals, FabLabs and associations. This is done through various creative methods and participation formats, such as design thinking, rapid prototyping, hackathons or creative challenges.

Closely related to these activities are related topics, such business model development. In the context of knowledge transfer, we develop exploitation and dissemination strategies. These strategies help to foster the opening of research and development processes as well as scientific output (open science).

Our projects

Ongoing project


The EU project FRANCIS aspires to empower citizens to participate in the development of frugal innovations.

Ongoing project


The NEW PATH project studies alternative exploitation concepts in heterogeneous project constellations.

Completed project

Best Etab II

Project BestEtab II, develops new exploitation concepts for collaborations of artists and scientists.

Completed project

Citizen Sensor

In the citizen science project Citizen Sensor a nitrate measurement method for soil samples is developed that can be used by everyone.

Completed project


FRAME deals with socioeconomic accompanying research for the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics.

Completed project


The HEFE project implements data governance approaches to research data in an effort to optimize its management.

Completed project


Project JERRI incorporates the different dimensions of Responsible Research and Innovation in the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft through pilot activities.


Completed project


OSCAR develops an Open Science code of conduct for the European aerospace research.