Citizens' cafés on the Stuttgart Climate Citizens' Council

Transfer of results and local implementation of measures for a climate-friendly Stuttgart

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The climate crisis is a major threat to our livelihoods. Local action can mitigate the consequences of climate change and help to counteract it. With this in mind, Stuttgart City Council asked the local Climate Citizens' Council the following questions: "What role does the city of Stuttgart play in climate protection? And what measures should Stuttgart take to help achieve the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement?"


The Citizens' Cafés tie in with the Stuttgart Climate Citizens' Council. For example, the 26 recommendations of the Citizens' Climate Council to Stuttgart City Council on achieving climate neutrality in the city by 2035 will be publicised via the Citizens' Cafés. In addition, local initiatives for climate protection are supported in implementing the measures from the Citizens' Cafés.



Together for a climate-neutral Stuttgart by 2035 - that is the motto of the "Jetzt Klimachen" campaign of the state capital Stuttgart.

We are supporting this project by actively involving residents in various Stuttgart neighbourhoods and thus promoting the implementation of the Climate Citizens' Council's recommendations in the areas of mobility and heating.

With the help of citizens' cafés, we bring together members of the Climate Citizens' Council with initiators of climate projects and citizens from different parts of the city and enable them to jointly develop concrete measures for climate protection in their neighbourhoods. Networking and mutual learning take centre stage and are intended to promote civic discourse and the development of low-threshold solutions. The active involvement of participants in the citizens' cafés and selected teaching/learning formats ensure that local citizens become multipliers for climate protection and motivate them to take action themselves. In the long term, the aim is to successively promote the sustainable perpetuation of participatory empowerment in the city. We evaluate the implementation of the citizens' cafés as well as their quality and impact. We share our experiences in a How-To Guide, which is intended to support other actors in the implementation of citizens' cafés or similar formats and thus contribute to the promotion of participatory cafés.


Role of Fraunhofer IRB

As an experienced partner in citizen participation processes and knowledge transfer, Fraunhofer IRB designs and organises the citizen cafés. Innovative interactive workshop formats are used for knowledge transfer and empowerment. Fraunhofer IRB is also involved in networking with local stakeholders, thus creating a platform for direct dialogue and co-creative work.

A process-accompanying evaluation by Fraunhofer IRB reveals the impact, findings and potential for improvement of the Citizens' Cafés. Finally, a how-to guide for citizens' cafés will be developed on the basis of the experience gained, which will pass on findings from the pilot project for other citizens' cafés and engagement-oriented participation. 



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